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Secret Lair - Secret Lair x Blood Bowl

Secret Lair - Secret Lair x Blood Bowl

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  • Description
    Put these cards in, coach! Each Blood Bowl Secret Lair Drop contains six fantasy football-flavored reskins of some of our favorite cards. You can consider each spell a new strategy for your collection playbook, or the key move to winning your next game. It’s football like you’ve never experienced-and your opponents will never see it coming! 

    All other rights reserved to their respective owners. 

    1x Borderless Approach of the Second Sun as “Touchdown!”  
    1x Borderless Rewind as “Re-Roll”  
    1x Borderless Bone Splinters as “Both Down”  
    1x Borderless Fling as “Throw Team-Mate”  
    1x Borderless Defense of the Heart as “Perfect Defense”  
    1x Borderless Fellwar Stone as “The Ball”